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AddYunHong edifice of Anji County in Huzhou city Zhejiang province

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Huzhou Yuanqin New Material Co.Ltd is located in Anji County of  Huzhou city Zhejiang province.

It’s factory and R & D center is located  in Shenzhen. It Is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the study of Nano-carbides(SiC,B4C,Graphene etc.)and Nano-Nitride(Si3N4,AlN,BN etc.)and LED chemical new material production.

The company's products have been widely used in Special ceramics and foreign LED screen, cosmetics, medicine and other fields.The company’s business philosophy isseeking truth, innovation and enterprising.It’s team spirit is diligence andunity.

It is committed to the production of fine chemicals research work and provide the best quality products and service to the customers.



Tel:86-0572-5135070 ,86-13250925175

Add:YunHong edifice of Anji County in Huzhou city Zhejiangprovince